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Pole and Line Construction
and Upgrades

Pole and Line Upgrades

We are helping improve the reliability and capability of the electric grid by increasing the capacity of our electric system and constructing new energy pathways. As our communities grow, so does the need for an effective energy infrastructure to deliver reliable power for homes, businesses, schools and other facilities. Upgrading the electric system is essential to enabling the sustainable growth of cleaner energy sources like solar and battery storage.

We are making a number of improvements to better serve you, including:

  • Replacing and upgrading overhead electric lines and underground lines nearing the end of their service life with the latest equipment
  • Expanding the capacity of power lines in growing communities and sites with large-scale distributed generation like solar farms, microgrids and battery storage sites
  • Adding new energy pathways and expanding capabilities of lines that support self-healing and grid efficiency improvements
  • Placing outage-prone overhead lines underground to help reduce outages and improve reliability
  • Strategically upgrading the strength of utility poles in vulnerable areas to better withstand the high winds of hurricanes and other severe storms
  • Converting high-voltage line sections in vulnerable and hard-to-reach areas from wooden poles to steel poles
  • Inspecting poles to proactively identify the need for replacement and make improvements

This important work is part of a smart, multi-layered grid improvement strategy to help improve reliability and resiliency, strengthen the grid against severe weather and other impacts, and transform the grid to enable cleaner energy options and a lower carbon future.

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