Smart-Thinking Grid

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Improving Grid Resiliency

As part of our commitment to you, we're building a smart-thinking grid that will increase reliability for all customers by anticipating outages and intelligently rerouting power to speed restoration or avoid the outage altogether.

We're adding groundbreaking technologies such as remote sensors and monitoring, and advanced communication systems that deliver real-time information from thousands of points along the grid. This information enables the grid to make intelligent decisions to keep power reliable. 


  • Reduces the number of customers affected by a power outage by up to 75 percent
  • Isolates problem areas for quicker response and shorter outages for customers
  • Improves grid resiliency and ability to recover from major storms and events
  • Self-healing technologies prevented more than 20,000 outages and saved more than 10 million customer minutes across the Carolinas in 2017
  • Enables more effective integration of private solar, renewable energy and emerging technologies like battery storage and microgrids, helping us move toward a cleaner energy future