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High Water and Dam Safety

High Water and Dam Safety

We generate electricity using the flow of water. This means that water levels and flows in the lakes and rivers around our dams and generating facilities can change rapidly without warning. We work closely with local, county and state emergency management officials during high water and flooding conditions to provide information to help ensure they can make appropriate public action decisions. 

If you have questions about what actions you should take during such events, please review the information below, contact your local county emergency management office and visit

For the latest, most up-to-date lake information:

Stay Clear, Stay Safe

Dams and spillways can be beautiful to look at, but an area that seems calm one moment can quickly turn into a treacherous surge of rising, fast-moving water. Follow these safety tips to enjoy your time outdoors.
  • Be aware of where the dam and spillway are located on a lake or river. Watch for rising water levels. 
  • Know where higher ground is and move there quickly if you see or hear rapidly rising water.
  • Obey all warning signs and keep out of restricted areas. 
  • Supervise children at all times. 
  • Be especially cautious at night, the time of day most difficult to recognize the dangers.
  • Look for unusual swirling currents that can pull boats and people toward the dam and under the water.
  • Watch for strong currents, wear life jackets and stay alert to changing weather conditions.
  • Stay alert for partially submerged objects. High water can sweep heavy debris into the lakes.