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At Duke Energy, we're committed to the communities we serve, and that extends to the online community, too!

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    News, events and information
    @DE_Nuclear  Nuclear insights and updates, and community events in the Carolinas
    Duke Energy communicator for Renewable Energy
    North Carolina information and updates
    @DE_MeredithA Duke Energy communicator in North Carolina
    Communicator for Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas
    Duke Energy communicator for power delivery and storms
    Duke Energy communicator for the Midwest
    Duke Energy communicator in Indiana
    Duke Energy communicator in Ohio
    Duke Energy communicator in South Carolina
    @DE_AnaGibbs Duke Energy communicator in Florida 
    @DE_BillNorton Duke Energy communicator for environment and community impact
    @DE_ShawnaB Duke Energy communicator in North Carolina for corporate social responsibility
    DE_KenzieB Due Energy communicator in Indiana

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The sites, channels and profiles on this page are Duke Energy's only official company presence in social media. While many of our employees also use these sites, official company voices are found only on this page.

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