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Natural Resource Conservation & Stewardship

Natural Resource Conservation and Stewardship

Keeping the energy flowing and our communities safe and clean.

Land, water and habitat protection

From our power plant sites to across the whole community, our commitment to land, water and habitat preservation and restoration runs deep.

Our Programs

  • Biodiversity Commitment

    Our approach to enhancing biodiversity is guided by our commitment to support conservation projects, environmental initiatives and more.

  • Forest Management

    Our Forest Management Plan provides strategies for timber production, wildlife habitat enhancement, watershed protection, recreational opportunities and more.

  • Lake Norman Island Habitat Program

    The Island Habitat Program is sponsored by the N.C. Wildlife Federation (NCWF) and Duke Energy to provide partnerships that will help keep Lake Norman islands clean of litter and enhance public awareness.

  • Aquatic Protection

    We work hard to reduce the impact of our operations on aquatic life by partnering with various agencies to ensure precious habits are protected.

  • Avian Protection

    Learn more about our avian protection plan, designed to keep birds safe from our utility lines and facilities.

  • Bat Protection

    Our robust conservation plan seeks to safeguard bat species across our company service territory.

  • Catawba-Wateree Habitat Enhancement Program

    The Catawba-Wateree Habitat Enhancement Program (CWHEP) funds projects that create, enhance and protect fish and wildlife habitats along the Catawba-Wateree River and its reservoirs.

  • Keowee-Toxaway Habitat Enhancement Program

    The Keowee-Toxaway Habitat Enhancement Program (KTHEP) program funds projects that create, enhance and protect fish and wildlife habitats along lakes Keowee and Jocassee.

  • Aquatic Plant Management

    Our Aquatic Plant Management program monitors rivers and lakes in the Carolinas to help protect aquatic plants and wildlife from invasive species.

  • Pollinators

    Pollinator species like beetles, bees and butterflies play a crucial role in the vitality of a healthy ecosystem.
  • Wildlife & Industry Together

    Wildlife and Industry Together (WAIT) pairs companies with community groups to plant native plants, shrubs and trees to establish a natural habitat for wildlife.