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Wildlife and Industry Together

Wildlife & Industry Together

Wildlife and Industry Together (WAIT) pairs companies with volunteers and community groups to develop company land into natural habitat. This program has resulted in successful certifications of more than 20 sites in the Carolinas.

By planting native plants, shrubs and trees, volunteers enable the natural habitat to flourish and provide a home for wildlife. Projects include building bluebird boxes and adding butterfly gardens. These natural habitats also provide cost-effective land utilization and an educational tool to use with numerous community groups.

The program was started by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation Endowment and Education Fund, North Carolina Wildlife Federation, along with a grant from The Duke Energy Foundation, to provide new homes for native wildlife. Nine of our generating stations in North Carolina and South Carolina are certified WAIT sites – the Asheville Plant, Buck Steam Station, Riverbend Steam Station, the H.F. Lee Plant, Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station, Bad Creek Hydro Station, McGuire Nuclear Station, Oconee Nuclear Station and Catawba Nuclear Station.