Strengthening a culture of inclusion

We serve diverse communities in an increasingly complex world. That is why we pursue a strategy that integrates diversity and inclusion into everything we do. Strengthening a culture of inclusion takes every employee within the company understanding their part in making each other feel welcomed, respected, heard and valued for the perspectives they bring to the company.

We strive to create a workforce that’s representative of the communities we serve. The different cultures, faces, perspectives and backgrounds bring us together to make us a stronger company, a more engaged corporate citizen and a place where people are empowered to reach their full potential. 
We’re proud of our diversity and inclusion efforts – some of which have been recognized nationally. But, we know there’s more work to do. So, we pledge to do more. To engage local organizations and leaders to understand how to be part of long-term solutions. To listen, learn and support each other within our company and communities. To continue to stand against racism, inequity and discrimination. 

  • Attract, engage and retain a diverse workforce

  • Create an inclusive workplace where everyone is empowered

  • Embrace diverse perspectives: culture, background, race, gender and more

  • Meet the needs of our increasingly diverse customers

  • Do business with diverse suppliers

  • Address barriers to diversity and inclusion within our organization

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