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Lake Norman Island Habitat Program

Lake Norman Island Habitat Program

The Island Habitat Program is sponsored by the N.C. Wildlife Federation (NCWF) and Duke Energy to provide partnerships that will help keep Lake Norman islands clean of litter and enhance public awareness.

The program is designed to encourage fishing and hunting clubs, scout groups, boating clubs, homeowners associations and other wildlife enthusiasts to “adopt” an island. Participating groups agree to clean up debris from their island while providing data on wildlife species that occupy the island. They would note habitat characteristics and changes and, as needed, provide habitat enhancements like bird nesting boxes and establish necessary plantings to control erosion and provide food sources.

In 2020, the local chapter of the NCWF was awarded a Habitat Enhancement Program grant to protect a great blue heron island rookery on Lake Norman.

If you’re interested in adopting an island on Lake Norman, please contact:

NC Wildlife Federation
Lake Norman Island Habitat Program
Billy Wilson & Conner Reynolds