Williston North to Bronson Reliability Project

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Transmission Line Route

A preferred route for the Williston North to Bronson project was announced in February 2019. The general location of the route and the planned Williston North Substation can be viewed on the interactive map. The address search and zoom features will provide a more detailed view of a particular area.

Williston North to Bronson Route Map
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Williston North to Bronson Transmission Line

The new transmission line will extend west approximately 16.9 miles from a new Williston North Substation, which will be constructed at 4991 NE Highway 41 immediately north of the existing Williston Substation in the city of Williston to the existing Bronson substation located at 890 N. Hathaway Ave. in the town of Bronson.

The existing Williston substation also will be upgraded, and modifications and additions to other area transmission lines will be made to maximize reliability and grid performance.


  • Easement acquisition

    Through fall 2021

  • Preconstruction work, including surveying, soil boring and staking

    Through late 2021

  • Vegetation removal

    Early 2022 to late 2022

  • Construction of new Williston North substation starts

    Summer 2021

  • Transmission line construction

    Early 2022 through early 2023

  • Project completion

    Spring 2023

*Timeline and project approvals are subject to change based on permitting timelines, additional scope development, weather conditions or other uncontrollable events. Factors such as weather, availability of crews and equipment or unforeseen circumstances may impact the schedule. Many of the activities associated with the design, engineering, and construction of the transmission lines may overlap and do not necessarily happen in a sequential manner over the entire distance of the project. These activities will occur in different locations at different times due to the size of the project and need to optimize the use of resources.
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Transmission and what we do

 Watch our short video to learn more about the importance of transmission and how it plays a vital role in powering our communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As Florida's population grows, so do its energy needs. The transmission system in Florida is an open access system, meaning the transmission grid serves all utilities in the state and their customers. The new transmission line and substation will strengthen reliability to meet the growing demand and will enhance the ability of Duke Energy and neighboring utilities to provide safe and reliable energy to homes, community facilities and businesses in Levy County and surrounding areas.

  • The new lines will be built on single concrete or steel poles, about 90 to 110 feet tall.

    Images showing what a monopole transmission tower looks like.
  • With a stronger smarter grid, this transmission improvement project will directly benefit Duke Energy customers in Levy County and surrounding areas as well as the customers served by other utilities and the city of Williston. The project will add needed capacity to support increasing demand for electricity for growing communities in the region and will minimize the risk and duration of customer outages.

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Williston-North Bronson Transmission Project

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