Duke Energy is committed to providing customers with reliable, safe and increasingly clean energy. We’re improving our transmission infrastructure, the backbone of our state’s energy system – powering communities and helping to build the smarter, cleaner energy future that customers want. Two existing transmission lines to the west and north of the existing Williston Substation are being upgraded to support the new Williston Bronson line and to maximize reliability and grid performance. The improvements to these lines will occur late 2021 and into 2022.

Williston Bronson Transmission line route options

Martin West to Williston North

New wires are being installed on existing structures to add capacity to enhance the ability of Duke Energy to provide more reliable energy and also help reduce the risk of power outages. The project also involves the installation of new poles at the mid-point between the existing structures to support the new line. Construction will be completed during the first quarter of 2022. Restoration activities will continue into spring 2022.

Archer to Williston

New transmission structures were installed in the 3.16-mile corridor in 2020 to accommodate a second 230-kV transmission line. Remaining work on the north end and south end on of the line will be completed in late 2021 and early 2022. Restoration activities will continue into spring 2022.

The projects described above are needed to support the Williston to Bronson New Transmission Line and Substation Project.

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Learn more about the importance of transmission and how it plays a vital role in powering our communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As Florida's population grows, so do its energy needs. The transmission system in Florida is an open access system, meaning the transmission grid serves all utilities in the state and their customers. The new transmission line and substation will strengthen reliability to help meet the growing demand and will enhance the ability of Duke Energy to provide safe and reliable energy to homes, community facilities and businesses in Levy County and surrounding areas.

  • The project will add needed capacity to support increasing demand for electricity for growing communities in the region and will help minimize the risk and duration of customer outages.

  • Following the installation of poles and wires, our crews work on the final project phase which is restoration. This work may include leveling, seeding and laying straw on affected areas. Construction materials and debris will be removed, and the right of way will be restored as closely as possible to its original condition. Trees and vegetation removed before construction are not replaced. Periodic vegetation management is done to keep the easement free of incompatible vegetation. 
  • Please see the Additional Resources section below for additional fact sheets on various topics.

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