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Williston to Bronson New Line and Substation

Project at a glance

Project area: Levy County, city of Williston, town of Bronson
Project plan: New transmission line and new substation
Line length: 17 miles
End points: New Williston North Substation and existing Bronson Substation
Voltage: 230 kilovolts
Pole: Single-pole steel or concrete approximately 90 to 110 feet
Williston North Substation construction start: Summer 2021
Transmission line construction start: Early 2023
Project completion: Summer 2024

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Transmission Line Route

A preferred route for the Williston to Bronson project was announced in February 2019. The general location of the route and the planned Williston North Substation can be viewed on the interactive map. The address search and zoom features will provide a more detailed view of a particular area.

Williston North to Bronson Route Map
View interactive map or view larger pdf map.

The new transmission line will extend approximately 17 miles from a new Williston North Substation being constructed at 4991 NE Highway 41, directly north of the existing Williston Substation. The new transmission line will extend to the existing Bronson Substation located at 790 N. Hathaway Ave. in the town of Bronson.

Both the existing Williston and Bronson substations are also being upgraded and expanded. Substation work at the sites began in late summer 2021.

In addition to the new transmission line and substation, existing transmission lines to the east and north of Williston Substation are being upgraded to maximize reliability and grid performance. The improvements to these lines will occur late 2021 and into 2022.




  • Preconstruction work, including surveying, soil boring and staking

    Through late 2022

  • Construction of new Williston North Substation starts

    Fall 2021

  • Vegetation removal and transmission line construction

    Starts early 2023

  • Project completion

    Summer 2024

*Schedules are subject to change based on factors such as weather, availability of crews and equipment, permitting, or unforeseen circumstances. Activities associated with the construction of the transmission lines may not happen in a sequential manner over the entire distance of the project and you may observe gaps in time between activities. 

Project benefits and information

This transmission improvement project will directly benefit Duke Energy customers in Levy County and surrounding areas as well as the customers served by other utilities and the city of Williston.
  • Help meet current and long-term energy demand in the region

  • Strengthen system reliability by adding needed capacity to serve growing communities

  • Help minimize the risk of power outages

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