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Smart Grid

Smart Grid

An energy grid that thinks.

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What smart grid means for you

A smarter grid through
energy grid modernization

From mobile communications to media and entertainment, digital technology has become the standard for business transactions, transmitting information and overall communication. We've all come to depend on having information instantly and easily at our fingertips. Now, digital technology has entered the world of electricity. You've probably heard about this new generation of energy grid called "the smart grid." Regardless of what you call it, what matters most is that the technology advancements being introduced to the energy grid will help us serve you better.

New technologies

Many people who know a little bit about the smart grid think of smart meters when they think of this new technology, but replacing older meters with new smart meters is just one example of how we are leveraging new technology to improve your energy experience. In fact, we're updating the entire energy delivery grid, from the substation to your home.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will have more access to insightful information about your household energy usage, which can help you save energy and money.
  • The same technology that gives us greater visibility into what is happening on the grid in real time also allows us to remotely reroute power to shorten or even prevent you from having a power outage. 
  • The more efficient digital smart grid is becoming more reliable, and more capable of connecting to renewable energy resources like solar and wind power, to deliver cleaner energy to your neighborhood.

Looking ahead

Imagine being able to see your home's energy usage on a daily basis. You would then have the ability to identify which of those kitchen appliances are costing you the most money to operate  and perhaps even make minor adjustments that could have a big impact on your energy bill. You might even learn that replacing that old refrigerator in your garage or swapping out that 1995 dryer with a more efficient version could pay for itself three times over.

We are committed to enabling you to take control of your energy consumption through the smart grid. As we deploy new grid technologies, we're excited about giving our customers the opportunity to shape the future of energy with us.


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