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Archer to Williston North

Project At a Glance

Project: Replace 36 H-frame structures with steel monopoles (single poles)
Project area: Levy County, town of Williston, Alachua County, city of Archer
Project plan: Rebuild transmission line
Line length to be rebuilt: 8.8 miles
End point: Archer Substation (12120 SW Archer Road)
End point: Williston North Substation (4551 NE 167th Court, in Williston)

Project Location

Route Map Archer Segment

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H-frame structures will be replaced with steel monopoles, which will require less maintenance, have a smaller footprint, and be more resilient against severe weather conditions.

The work will take place within existing Duke Energy easement areas.

Before and after shots of transmission poles
The new steel structures as shown on the right might not be this exact design. This photograph represents
a typical monopole configuration.


  • Preconstruction work, including surveying, soil boring and staking

    Fall 2021

  • Vegetation removal

    Fall 2023

  • Transmission line construction

    Winter 2023

  • Project completion

    Early 2025

*Timeline is subject to change based on permitting timelines, additional scope development, weather conditions or other uncontrollable events. Factors such as weather, availability of crews and equipment or unforeseen circumstances may impact the schedule. Many of the activities associated with the design, engineering, and construction of the transmission lines may overlap and do not necessarily happen in a sequential manner. These activities will occur in different locations at different times based on the size of the project and need to optimize the use of resources.

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