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Marion-Levy-Alachua Counties
Reliability Projects

Marion-Levy-Alachua Counties Reliability Projects

As part of Duke Energy’s commitment to providing customers with reliable, safe and increasingly clean energy, we are making upgrades to improve the power grid in Marion, Levy and Alachua counties. Starting in 2021, Duke Energy began working to rebuild and improve a 33-mile transmission line between the cities of Ocala and Archer in Central Florida. 

Approximately 146 H-frame structures will be replaced with stronger steel monopoles along with higher capacity wires. Upgraded equipment will be installed in substations.

Initiatives like this help strengthen our transmission infrastructure – the backbone of our state’s energy system – powering communities and helping to build the smarter, cleaner energy future that customers want.

View interactive project map.

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Benefits to the community

This reliability enhancement project benefits our customers and customers served by neighboring utilities. 

  • Helps minimize the frequency and duration of outages
  • Strengthens electric reliability
  • Helps meet the region’s growing energy needs
  • Supports the development of clean energy technologies
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New steel structures

The new steel monopole structures will require less maintenance, have a smaller footprint, and be more resilient against severe weather conditions.

The work will take place within existing Duke Energy easement areas.

Before and after shots of transmission poles
The new steel structures as shown on the right above may not be this exact design. This photograph represents a typical steel monopole configuration. Final design will vary by project 
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Reducing inconveniences

Duke Energy is aware and actively reducing as much as possible any temporary inconveniences caused to the sensitive areas within the project work zone including dense residential communities, equestrian farms and training facilities, and areas with historical and cultural significance.
  • Property owners within the utility easement area should expect notifications before any work takes place. This may include letters, postcards, voice messages or in-person conversations.
  • Land with livestock and equestrian training facilities have been identified, and the property owners will receive notifications so they know when, where and how work is being done in their area.
  • Where needed, protective mats will be used to help minimize the impact of heavy trucks and equipment on the soil, grass and environment. 
  • Once work is complete, the land will be restored as closely as possible to previous conditions.
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Project map

The rebuild projects will be completed in three phases.

This map shows the location of the three phases of the Marion-Levy-Alachua project.
View interactive project map.
Duke Energy announced plans in spring 2021 to rebuild and improve approximately 33 miles of existing transmission line. This project will be completed in three phases:

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