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Renewable Energy

Generating a cleaner, brighter future

Renewing our commitment to renewable energy. 

Renewing our commitment every day

Every day, we're working on developing new renewable energy sources and educating the public about current renewable energy sources.
Learn about all our renewable energy programs across the country.
  • Bloomington Solar Projects

    In Bloomington, Indiana, we're installing solar panels in housing units to help reduce energy usage and increase the public's knowledge of solar power.

  • Midwest Solar Power

    Children are our greatest resource – and we're helping them learn about renewable resources in Ohio and Kentucky.

Our commitment to a
sustainable energy future

We believe generating electricity from renewable resources will play an increasingly important role in the transition to cleaner energy.
So, we’re developing innovative renewable power projects to serve our customers as well as other utilities,
businesses and communities throughout the United States.
  • Biopower

    Biopower can deliver electricity on demand and provide baseload-like capacity, much like fossil-fueled plants – plus, many consider it to be carbon neutral.

  • Hydroelectric Energy

    We began our operations in the Carolinas as a hydroelectric company. Today, we're still on the forefront of this important renewable energy source.

  • Landfill Gas

    Harnessing methane from landfill gas not only provides power – it reduces harmful effects to the atmosphere and climate.

  • Solar Energy

    Across our six-state service territory, our customers use energy from 400 megawatts of solar capacity from more than 4,000 solar installations, including rooftop solar.

  • Wind Energy

    Investing in zero-carbon wind power is one way we’re trying to reduce our environmental footprint while meeting the demand for reliable, affordable and increasingly clean electricity.