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Harris Energy & Environmental Center

Energy & Environmental Center at Harris Nuclear Plant

Energizing education.

What you'll find

The Harris Energy & Environmental Center features interactive exhibits on electricity, energy efficiency and the benefits of nuclear power. Ideal for middle school students and up, it is an exciting place to explore, enjoy and learn. Located two miles from the Harris Nuclear Plant in New Hill, N.C., the center offers class tours by appointment.

Harris Nuclear Plant is a single-unit, 928-megawatt nuclear facility that has been in commercial operation since 1987. It generates enough electricity to power more than 550,000 homes.

Learn how energy powers our world 

The Harris Energy & Environmental Center is a colorful and exciting place for students to learn about energy firsthand. Take a virtual tour of the Harris Plant and check out cool, interactive exhibits that offer information about:
  • Alternative and renewable energy 
  • Electricity transmission 
  • Great moments in electricity 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Environmental monitoring 
  • How nuclear plants work 
  • History of the Harris Plant
After the tour, take a walk on the White Oak Nature Trail and eat your lunch in the picnic area.