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Brunswick Energy & Education Center

Brunswick Energy & Education Center

Located at our Brunswick Nuclear Plant near Southport, N.C., the Energy & Education Center offers educational exhibits on nuclear science, the advantages of nuclear power and history of the Brunswick Nuclear Plant and its role in our local community. 

Brunswick Energy
& Education Center
at Brunswick Nuclear Plant

Learn how we use nuclear science to power our communities.

What you’ll find

The Brunswick Energy and Education center features exhibits on nuclear science, electricity, carbon-free energy and the operation of the Brunswick Nuclear Plant. Ideal for middle-school students and up, it offers a unique look at how science intersects with daily life. The Center is available for visitors by appointment only.

Brunswick Nuclear Plant is located about two miles from Southport, N.C. where it generates enough carbon-free electricity to power over a million homes. 


Schedule a visit to the Energy & Education Center where you will see first-hand how a nuclear power plant operates, learn about nuclear fuel and explore how the Brunswick Nuclear Plant contributes to our surrounding communities. 

Visits can be tailored to a variety of audiences and paired with demonstrations, movies and career discussions. In general, most visitors spend about 45 minutes touring the Center.


Thank you for your interest in Duke Energy’s Brunswick Energy & Education Center near Southport, N.C. 

Please complete this request form to schedule your visit. Contact with any questions.