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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Capturing the Power of Wind

Investing in zero-carbon wind power is one way we’re working to reduce our environmental footprint while meeting the demand for reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean electricity. 

For over a decade, we have been collaborating and investing in wind energy technology. This includes investing in research and operations that minimize our environmental impact and identifying opportunities to maximize local economic and social benefits, such as jobs, new tax revenues and education. 

We are committed to a clean, reliable energy transition, which will require a diverse energy mix, as well as thoughtful analysis and planning to ensure continued reliability for customers.

By 2035, we plan to have over 30,000 MW of regulated renewable energy on our system. This includes wind, solar and battery storage.

Offshore Wind Energy

At Duke Energy, we’re currently exploring a number of options to utilize offshore wind as we transition to cleaner energy resources in the Carolinas.

Carolina Long Bay 

In 2022, Duke Energy, through its nonregulated direct subsidiary Cinergy Corp., became one of two offshore wind lessees for the Carolina Long Bay area east of Wilmington, N.C., an area that could support the development of up to 1.6 GW of offshore wind, enough to power nearly 375,000 homes.

We believe that collaboration on innovative technologies is key to delivering reliable, affordable and clean energy. Therefore, Duke Energy has formed a collaborative relationship with TotalEnergies, an experienced developer of large-scale offshore wind projects and lessee of the adjacent lease in Carolina Long Bay. Through this collaboration, Duke Energy aims to minimize cost and maximize operational efficiencies.

More information about Duke Energy’s development of its Carolina Long Bay lease area can be found below. 

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