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EV Initiatives

Duke Energy EV Programs

We’re working to make charging easier and more accessible.

Our Car Charging Programs

We’re creating various programs in our jurisdictions to make it easier to own and charge your electric vehicle.

What We're Doing

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Electrifying our Fleet

To support Duke Energy’s initiative to reduce overall greenhouse gases and lower emissions from the transportation sector, we have over 600 electric vehicles in our fleet, including over 220 on-road vehicles. We are committed to increasing that number by purchasing electric vehicles that meet our needs as new vehicle styles and classes are released.

By 2030, we pledge to convert 100% of our nearly 4,000 light-duty vehicles to electric and 50% of our approximately 6,000 combined fleet of medium-duty, heavy-duty and off-road vehicles to EVs, plug-in hybrids or other zero-carbon alternatives as more of these options become available.

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Workplace Charging Program

The Workplace Charging Program aims to increase employee EV adoption and demonstrate leadership among peer companies. To achieve this, we will be installing numerous chargers in the next five years, expanding the availability of EV charging across Duke Energy locations and making workplace charging available to Duke Energy employees during business hours. By implementing the Workplace Charging Program, we will be electrifying by example and advancing our sustainability goals. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that employees are six times more likely to drive an EV with workplace charging, so we will encourage our employees to drive electric as first-line ambassadors for EV technology. It is our hope that this new program will improve employee engagement and satisfaction, as statistics show 91% positive feedback on similar workplace charging initiatives.

Contact Us

Have questions about Duke Energy’s work with electric vehicles or what is happening in your area? Please contact us.
  • Benefits of EVs

    Electric cars are better for the planet and can help you save on fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Charging your EV

    There are many options for charging your car at home, in public and on the road.

  • Choosing an EV

    Check out our EV selector tool and see which model works best for your lifestyle.

  • Electric Vehicle Tax Credits

    See legislation updates and eligibility for clean vehicle tax credits and incentives.

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