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Charger Solution Program

Charger Solution Program

Helping businesses provide electric vehicle charging.

What is the Charger Solution Program?

This program provides a term rental of a commercial Level 2 or Fast Charger for your business, multi-unit dwelling or industrial site, including the cost of installation, warranty and maintenance.* Throughout the term (four years for Level 2 and eight years for Fast Charge), you will operate the charging station and Duke Energy will retain ownership and responsibility for troubleshooting and maintenance. Consider the following when determining if this program is right for your business:

*Work that must be done to prepare your location for the charger (breaker, conduit, wiring, increased capacity, etc.) is not covered under the program.
  • Decide what EV charging to provide

    Visit the business solutions page to determine whether Fast Charging or Level 2 charging works best for your business.

  • Assess the site

    Determine your business’s ability to designate parking spaces for EV chargers. You may install signage to exclude regular parking and only allow for EV charging.

  • Prepare the site

    Hire an electrical contractor to design your site plan and make your site ready for EV charging installation. Need Help? Send us an email and we will connect you with the contractor.

Charger Solution Program Details

Costs & Fees Does Charger Solution cover it?
EV charger and charger installation
Maintenance for the charger while enrolled
Charging station network access
Charging station troubleshooting and repair
Site preparation work to prepare site for charger installation: breaker, conduit, wiring, increased capacity, etc. icon no
Electricity to charge vehicles icon no

icon office residential

Enroll in the Charger Solution Program

Completing the application is the first step to enroll. Please have your Duke Energy account number and/or site information ready when filling out the form. 

How It Works

  1. Plan your Project
    • We recommend consulting with an electrician before applying.
    • Determine what charger type fits your application and what is needed for installation.
    • Need help with any of these steps? Send us an email and we will be glad to assist.
  2. Complete online application
  3. Complete site readiness survey (emailed to you by our program team)
    • Applicants are required to consult with an electrical contractor to complete site readiness, which will likely incur an additional cost.
  4. Attend site visit (scheduled by Duke Energy)
    • You, your electrical contractor, a representative of Duke Energy and the installation vendor will visit the proposed site.
  5. Request site design prints from the site visit (additional fees may apply)
  6. Send an email to Duke Energy with site design prints
  7. Once submitted, wait to receive confirmation receipt or a request for more details

Choose the type of charging

Level 2 Charging

level 2 charger

  • Provides slower charging and is best suited for places where people spend longer amounts of time, such as restaurants, coffee shops, retail establishments and multifamily dwellings.
  • Is less expensive and requires less infrastructure to install.
  • Is not intended to fully recharge vehicles unless plugged in overnight.
  • May require more dedicated parking spots for charging vehicles than Fast Chargers.
  • Can be networked to provide charging revenue, data and control for your business.

Fast Charge

dc fast charger

  • Is best suited for fleet applications and locations along major roads and highways.
  • Provides a faster boost (up to 80% full in 20-30 minutes).
  • Is more expensive and may require significant infrastructure investment and upgrades.
Electric vehicle charger

Charger options

There are several types of charger options to consider.
Compare types here.

Eligibility & Documentation

Eligibility requirements for the Charger Solution program are as follows:
  • Must own property or have landlord approval
  • Must have Wi-Fi or internet access at charger location
  • Must be a Duke Energy customer in Indiana
  • Application form must be filled out completely to qualify
  • Application must be filled out by account owner or authorized user
  • Applicant must agree to terms and conditions
  • Space must be ready with the proper infrastructure and location to support an EV charger

Frequently Asked Questions