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Renewables and Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Renewables and Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Clean, smart and easy ways to do more with your energy.

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Explore Your Renewable Energy Options

Ongoing advancements in clean technology create opportunities for you to participate in programs that help benefit the environment. We’re here to help you choose the solar energy programs or other clean energy solutions that are right for you. Get started by learning more about your options today.
  • Generate your own renewable energy

    The renewable energy generated from your home’s solar panels or solar equipment can be used to reduce your energy bill or be sold back to Duke Energy.


Electric Vehicle Resources

Discover tools and programs for current and future EV drivers.
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Not Sure Where to Start?

Learn more about carbon emissions and programs to help reduce them.
  • Get Personalized Recommendations

    Discover a variety of Duke Energy programs that will help you meet your own carbon reduction goals.

  • What is a REC?

    Learn more about Renewable Energy Certificates, what they are and what they mean to you and your renewable goals.

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More Ways to Be Energy Smart

  • Improve energy efficiency

    Discover exclusive products and services that can help you save energy, protect your budget and make better energy decisions every day.

On the Path to a Brighter Future

With growth in renewable projects, advancements in technology and electrification solutions, we’re always expanding our energy horizons. Let us show you how.
  • Building a smarter grid

    Digital technology is transforming the electrical grid. Learn about our resiliency and modernization efforts.

  • Environmental, Social & Governance

    Our efforts focus on cleaner energy, social responsibility and accountability.

  • Renewable energy at Duke Energy

    Across our service territories, customers use about 4,000 MW of solar capacity from large, utility-scale facilities and smaller, rooftop arrays.

  • Electrification drives the future

    Electric vehicles are shaping the future with smarter, cleaner transportation that helps save money and improve the health of our environment.