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Energy Savings & Efficiency

Energy Savings & Efficiency

Tips, tools and resources to help you save.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency saves money and reduces your environmental impact. Explore the many ways we can help you make your home more energy efficient.
  • Resources

    Explore a variety of energy-efficient tools and resources to help you save energy and make the most of clean, renewable energy sources at home.

  • Energy Efficient Products & Services

    Get the resources you need to save energy & money.

  • Energy Vampires

    Explore ways to improve your home’s energy savings by identifying and unplugging your energy vampires.

  • Home Appliance Tips

    Save money and extend the life of your household appliances with these helpful tips.

  • New Home Construction

    Smart construction tips that can help you build a home that is comfortable and energy efficient.

  • Weatherizing Your Home

    Find smart weatherization tips that can help make your home more energy efficient – inside and out.

  • Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

    Calculate the impact that your every day energy consumption habits have on the environment.

  • Electric Vehicles

    Discover the benefits of "plugging-in" and the positive impact that electric vehicles have on our power grid.