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Energy and Money Saving Articles

Extreme temperatures can bring higher energy bills. The articles below are full of energy-saving ideas that can help lower your energy bill year-round.
  • DIY with Duke Energy

    Whether you’re looking to use less energy or lower your bill, make your home more energy efficient with just a few simple improvements.

  • Dear Duke Energy

    Our resident advice columnist helps customers settle energy spats and clear up common confusions.

  • Energy-Saving Hacks

    Learn about some quick and easy ways you can reduce the amount of electricity you use around the house.

  • Tips for Tenants

    As a renter, you can cut back your energy use without breaking the rules of your lease. Find out how.

  • Weathering Winter Weather

    Worried about winter energy bills? We've got no- and low-cost ideas to help keep bills lower.

  • Still Working from Home?

    Here are 10 easy ways to save energy while you work from the comfort of your own home.

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For even more ways to save, visit the Department of Energy's website.
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