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Group programs

The World of Energy staff can provide educational programs for students of all ages. To inquire about a group visit or on-site presentation, call 864.873.4600 or email the World of Energy, and complete the group presentation registration form.

Below is an explanation of the programs and offerings at the World of Energy.

Fuels and generation of electricity

Elementary and middle school students will enjoy our basic electricity presentation, which explains the different fuel sources used to make electricity, the importance of electricity in today’s world and how electricity is generated, specifically at Oconee Nuclear Station. The presentation highlights Oconee Nuclear Station, which is adjacent to the World of Energy.

Nuclear energy and Oconee Nuclear Station

This presentation is geared towards high school ages and up, and explains how electricity is generated from the energy of an atom. It also focuses on the safe and reliable operation of Oconee Nuclear Station and explains the advantages of nuclear power.

Scavenger Hunt

Request a scavenger hunt for your students to carry through the self-guided exhibits. They’ll be asked to search for information and answers as they tour the Story of Energy.


Our video collection includes educational children’s videos, such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, safety videos, environmental conservation videos, as well as a virtual plant tour focused specifically on Oconee Nuclear Station. If you’d like to watch a video at the World of Energy, ask a World of Energy representative.

Picnic shelter

Plan to pack a lunch or snack and eat under our picnic shelter while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lake Keowee. When booking your group visit, please be sure to indicate if you’d like to use the picnic shelter. Read our picnic shelter guidelines.


The nature trail begins just a short walk from the World of Energy's front doors. It is filled with local wildlife and offers opportunities to learn, as well as play. 

Group reservations

If you'd like to schedule a program or bring your group to the World of Energy, call 864.873.4600 or email to inquire or to ask a question. Please complete the group registration form. A member of our staff will contact you to assist you with scheduling.

Boy learning about energy
Get an up-close understanding of energy.
Age appropriate programs
Learn by doing with our age-appropriate programs.