Disconnection Procedures

General Information

Bills for residential electric service are due on the date of the bill. If Duke Energy Progress does not receive your payment within 25 days after the bill date, it is considered “past due,” and a 1% late payment charge will be added to your next bill. If payment is not received by the time the next month’s bill is rendered, the past-due amount will be shown on that next bill, and a Notice of Termination with an expiration date will be included in the same mailing. If the payment is not received by the expiration date of the notice, then Duke Energy Progress may begin the process of disconnecting service. Not more than three days before the actual disconnection is to take place, you will receive a notice of impending disconnection. Duke Energy Progress disconnects services during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday; service will not be disconnected on Friday or on the day before any day our collection offices are closed. During some extreme weather conditions Duke Energy Progress may defer disconnecting customers for nonpayment.

Disconnect Moratorium

Duke Energy Progress residential customers can become exempt from having their electric service disconnected between November 1 and March 31 each year if they meet the following criteria:
  • A member of the customer’s household is either elderly (65 years of age or older), handicapped or both. Note: The handicapped member of household must be certified by a governmental agency to qualify for the program as disabled.
  • The customer is not able to pay the balance of service either in full nor under a six-month installment payment plan. 
  • The customer’s household is certified by the local social service office that administers the Energy Crisis Assistance Program or other similar programs as eligible to receive assistance even if funds are not available.
Note: Duke Energy Progress can terminate a North Carolina customer’s service on Disconnect Moratorium between November 1 and March 31 if the North Carolina Utilities Commission approves the termination.

Payment Arrangements

If you are unable to pay your bill in full before the date of disconnection, you can call Duke Energy Progress at 800.452.2777 to make arrangements through our automated Voice Response Unit (VRU) or, if you prefer, discuss payment arrangements with a representative. Duke Energy Progress will work with you to every extent possible to give you more time to pay.

What do I do if my service is disconnected?

If your electric service is disconnected for nonpayment, call Duke Energy Progress at 800.452.2777 to discuss terms for reconnecting your service. Generally, you will be required to pay a reconnection fee and pay all past due amounts before service can be reconnected. You may also be required to pay a deposit equal to two months’ electric bills. 

Third-Party Notification

Any customer may designate a third party of their choice (friend, relative, church, etc.) to receive duplicate copies of any notification of past due bills and Notices of Proposed Termination. You may set up Third-Party Notification by calling Duke Energy Progress at 800.452.2777.

Special Needs Customers

Accounts of customers identified by Duke Energy Progress as chronically or seriously ill, handicapped, or on a life support system and whose health could be endangered if electric service is disconnected receive special review throughout the year prior to disconnection for nonpayment. It is your responsibility, however, to let us know if you or someone in your household fits these criteria. In order to qualify, you must call Duke Energy Progress at 800.452.2777 to obtain the necessary paperwork, then get the doctor to certify in writing that disconnection of electricity would endanger that person’s health. 

  1. This process takes 30-45 days to complete. 
  2. Participation in the program does not mean that your power will not be disconnected for nonpayment or interrupted due to an outage. Also, when there is a major outage, participation does not mean that you will be the first to have power restored. Customers with medical needs should make preparations in advance for extended outages.
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