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Overhead Line and Equipment Inspections

Overhead Line and Equipment Inspections

Drone technology can help us improve power reliability. 

Overhead drone inspections

Providing reliable service to the communities we serve is a top priority for Duke Energy. We are working hard to reduce the frequency of power outages, and when those outages occur, minimize their duration.

One of the most effective ways to inspect power lines and electrical equipment is to use aerial services, including drones. This technology helps crews analyze equipment safely and efficiently in a less intrusive manner.

Benefits of drones

  • Easier access to difficult areas to reach essential equipment (substations/transformers)
  • Improved overhead vantage point on vegetation and grid equipment
  • Better identify equipment needing replacement not visible from the ground level

Drones in your community

Overhead drone inspections will be the first phase of work planned in your area. From these surveys, our engineering and construction teams can identify improvements needed and determine any additional technology required to ensure a high quality of service for your neighborhood.

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