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Advanced Metering Infrastructure Program

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Smart Meters. Smarter Options.

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program encompasses smart meters and the associated communications devices that enable automated meter reading, remote connects/disconnects and quicker outage detection. AMI is a foundational investment to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers.

Smart meters are a key component of a modern grid

  • They have two-way communication capabilities and can transmit energy usage information back to Duke Energy more frequently than drive-by meters. This allows our customers to see much more detailed energy usage and billing information.
  • Smart meters can also help us more quickly identify power outages and resolve other service requests and problems, typically without needing to visit a home or business.

Customer benefits

The new smart meter will offer you many advantages, including:
  • Access to new service and billing options like Pick Your Due Date and Usage Alerts
  • Ability to see your detailed usage data daily, making it easier to use energy more efficiently and lower your bill
  • Option to stop/start service can happen remotely, without an appointment
  • Allows for improved response times and speeds outage repairs