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Robinson Solar Center

Creating a Cleaner Energy Future

Making smart investments in our energy future is a priority for Duke Energy – one that focuses on delivering reliable, affordable service to the customers and communities we serve, and on transitioning to cleaner energy options and a lower carbon future.

Project Overview

We’re seeking approval to construct and operate a 76-megawatt alternating current (MWac) utility-scale solar power center and associated facilities in Darlington and Chesterfield counties, S.C. The associated facilities will include a new 230-kilovolt (kV) solar generation substation and a new 230-kV generation tie line spanning approximately 225 to 250 feet between the solar generation substation and the existing Darlington power plant’s 230-kV switching station (the point of interconnection).

Construction is expected to begin in late 2026 or early 2027. The facility will provide fuel-free power and capacity to meet the growing needs of the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

Transitioning to cleaner energy sources, while also meeting growing energy needs, requires a diverse mix of resources to help ensure continued reliability as older plants are retired. As energy needs continue to grow significantly, Duke Energy must invest in new infrastructure to keep jobs and investment coming to South Carolina.

We are using an “all-of-the-above approach” that incorporates renewables like solar, next-generation and existing nuclear, natural gas and hydroelectric sources. This diverse mix will help Duke Energy meet customer expectations for cleaner energy while also reliably powering communities across the state.

Benefits to the Community

  • Create approximately 200 new construction jobs
  • Provide 76 MW of clean, renewable energy
  • Increase tax revenue for Chesterfield and Darlington counties
  • Generate economic benefits to local businesses during construction
  • Help improve overall reliability of the electric grid

Operational Features

  • Safe, quiet generation
  • No air emissions or waste production
  • Minimal water needs
  • Low visual impact
  • No impact on local traffic
  • Pollinator-friendly plants

Site Map

Robinson Solar Center Preliminary Site Plan
View a larger version of the site map.

Project Schedule

During construction, approximately 175 vehicles will deliver solar panels by a planned access route to the site. At peak construction, the project will employ approximately 200 workers on-site. Crews will grade the site, dig trenches for cables, drive steel piles into the ground and set equipment in place with heavy equipment. As a result, neighbors may hear construction noise as crews perform this work during daylight hours. We will provide construction notifications to surrounding neighbors and make every reasonable effort to limit the impacts to you.

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Proposed Project Schedule

Construction of a solar facility may take up to 12 months. For a more detailed look at a typical solar project schedule, please see the Solar Construction Timeline document.
  • Planning and Development


  • Estimated Construction Start Date


  • Estimated Project Completion


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Questions or Comments?

Your feedback is important to us. If you have questions or comments, please complete our contact form or contact us at 888.810.0419. We’ll address your comments and concerns in a timely fashion.

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