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Political Participation

Duke Energy strongly supports individual participation in the political process in our communities, including involvement with political parties, candidates or issues, and participation by eligible employees in Duke Energy's political action committee, DUKEPAC. Such activities demonstrate that we care about the communities in which we live and work.


As an energy company, we are affected by the decisions made by federal, state and local officials. In turn, these decisions also affect our customers, employees and shareholders.

DUKEPAC is a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee that:

  • Encourages employee awareness of and participation in the political process
  • Makes contributions to qualified candidates running for public office.


The purpose of DUKEPAC shall be to provide the opportunity for individuals to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for local, state and federal office who stand for and foster sound and responsible government, the principles of free enterprise, and legislation to permit business enterprises to function in a responsible manner.

- DUKEPAC By-Laws, Article IV, Section 1.


DUKEPAC is governed by a board of trustees made up of company employees. Any DUKEPAC member may make a recommendation on candidates deserving support, but decisions on which candidates receive contributions are made by the DUKEPAC Board.

Administrative costs associated with operating DUKEPAC are paid by Duke Energy, as allowed by law. Employee contributions, all of which are voluntary, go to federal, state and local candidates.

Candidate Selection Criteria

DUKEPAC’s board of trustees evaluates candidates using the following criteria:

  • The candidate/public official represents part or all of an area in which Duke Energy, or its subsidiaries, conduct business.
  • The candidate/public official serves as a member of leadership or a committee with jurisdiction over matters that impact our business.
  • The candidate/public official demonstrates support for public policy issues that are important to our business, customers, and communities.
  • The candidate/public official is an emerging public policy leader.

DUKEPAC Officers

Ron Wages Chairman
Vacant Vice Chairman
Elizabeth Sirota Treasurer
Mariela Perez Assistant Treasurer
Lisl Bruns PAC Secretary
Michelle Cavallo Assistant PAC Secretary

Political Contribution Reports

DUKEPAC contributions are publicly disclosed on the following federal and state Web sites.