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Renewable Energy Careers


Renewable Energy

Your career in energy moves more than electricity. A cleaner, smarter future for your organization starts with you.

Our Vision: Deliver cost-competitive clean energy through operation excellence

Our Mission: What We Do

  • Wind Energy

    Committed to event-free operations based upon a foundation of Operational Excellence through enabled, safe employees, best-in-class management systems and continuous improvement.

  • Solar Energy

    Maximize the performance of the commercial solar fleet through efficient deployment of competent professionals who enable safe, event-free operations.

Start Your Career in Renewables

  • Wind Technicians

    This is the first level of wind operations classification hierarchy. Employees at this level solve problems in technical areas of specialization. Employees will climb 300-foot wind turbines daily, maintain a high level of safety and perform small and large corrective tasks.

  • Solar Technicians

    Solar technicians will diagnose and resolve faults on solar equipment as they relate to mechanical and electrical problems. They will be expected to maintain a high level of safety while working in an outdoor environment for an extended period of time.


Zachariah Frantz - Wind Technician II

Growing up in Burlington, CO, I watched in awe as the Kit Carson Wind Farm was constructed. I got my Associate of Applied Science degree in the Electrical field and was an electrician before I started working for Duke Energy. In 2017 I jumped on the opportunity to join the Renewables team. Three years in, I'm still utilizing my electrical background, and in the process I've learned so much more. I appreciate the opportunity Duke Energy has given me!

Zachariah Frantz
Wind Technician II


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Tyler Scholten - Coordinator Procedures & Training

I started with Duke Energy Renewables in 2012 as a Wind Technician on our Gearbox Repair Team, which specializes in uptower gearbox repairs. My enjoyment of hands-on training led me to joining our Technical Training team in 2015 and moving my family to Charlotte, NC. Soon after that, I took advantage of Duke Energy's tuition reimbursement program and went back to school to earn a Bachelor's of Business Management degree. I can attest that Duke Energy is willing to invest in its employees and takes a long-term view of each employees' career development plan. The culture and leadership support at Duke Energy make it a great place to start a career in renewables.

Tyler Scholten
Coordinator Procedures & Training

Rahmir Williams, Solar Tech III

I began my renewables career as an entry-level commissioning technician for a different solar outfit in 2015. I quickly climbed the ranks to a lead position within a year and found myself stagnate in my development of solar knowledge. In 2016, I found an opportunity to apply for Duke Energy Renewables as an operations technician, and I have been here ever since. Not only have I gained an extensive amount of solar knowledge while working for Duke Energy, I continue to be pushed and learn more every single day. Working for Duke Energy gives me security in knowing that I am gaining a solid foundation of experience that will only help further my renewable energy career path progression.

Rahmir Williams
Solar Tech III

James Mendenhall - Manager II - Commercial Renewables Operations

Naturally, at first, I had concerns of transitioning from the military to civilian life. I had a lot of training and skillsets, but nothing that was a one for one swap in the civilian world. Since day one, I always felt like part of the team. I felt like my experience in Operation Risk Management, and Work Controls was well received when I would make recommendations. I am just as honored to work with Duke Energy as I was with the U.S. Navy.

James Mendenhall
Manager II – Commercial Renewables Operations


Ben Jordan - Commercial Renewable Operations

I started in the renewables industry in 2006 as an entry level traveling technician. Through my career I have had the opportunity to work on multiple types of wind turbines performing a multitude of different tasks. I started my career with Duke Energy as a supervisor in Wind Operations at the Shirley Wind farm in 2011 and have progressed to a director role overseeing the Third-Party Services and Owned Assets. In my time with Duke Energy I have utilized the tuition reimbursement program to complete my Bachelor of Business Management degree and am currently working on my MBA. Duke Energy holds the same core values and safety culture that I have always operated under.

Ben Jordan
Director - Commercial Renewable Operations

Ryan McKillip - Supervisor - Renewable Control Center

I chose to work for Duke Energy because of their reputation as being in the forefront of renewables and safety. I worked as a Wind Technician at the Campbell Hill Wind Farm in Glenrock, WY for over 2 years before I decided to take a position as a Renewable Energy Dispatch Operator and move my family to Charlotte, NC. I have been in the Renewable Control Center now for almost 6 years and have quickly advanced to a Supervisor and now lead a team of 4-6 operators in a World Class Renewable Control Center in uptown Charlotte.

Ryan McKillip
Supervisor - Renewable Control Center

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