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Customer Service

Customer Service

Be part of a powerful team

Customer service is an important part of what we do at Duke Energy. We rely upon a group of dedicated, caring individuals with diverse experiences, perspectives, and cultures to provide exceptional service to our customers every day.

Your path to a Customer Care Specialist career

Our Customer Care Specialists are the first step in starting a career in our Care Centers. These teams are responsible for responding to residential, commercial and governmental customer inquiries through all channels of communication. The hiring process for this role is as follows:

1. Application

The first step in the process is to apply for open positions. You can complete an application online via desktop or mobile device. It is important to review the job posting thoroughly for details pertaining to the job. Job duties, responsibilities, and training schedules can differ based on region. In addition, there may also be specific instructions pertaining to the assessment.

2. Assessment

Next you will be invited to complete an online assessment that measures your aptitude and analytic thinking skills. This assessment will also measure your ability to embrace the culture of Duke Energy's Customer Care Operations. Each of these assessments may take up to 45 minutes. These tests are timed with an option to save your work and return. The assessment has an expiration of 24 hours or midnight of the job posting end date, whichever comes first.

3. Candidate Review

After you apply, your application and assessment will be reviewed by our recruiting team to determine if you meet all of the qualifications required for the job position.

Note: If you have applied for a bilingual role, additional testing will be required.

4. Phone Interview

If you are selected to move forward, a recruiter will follow up with you for a phone interview.

5. Offer and Welcome

Pending your performance on the interview, our recruiting team will evaluate and make hiring decisions. If you are selected, a recruiter will be in contact with an offer of employment.

What Drives Us

Our Vision: Who We Are

We are customer-focused professionals committed to establishing valued relationships with our customers and communities, while creating a positive experience with every contact.

Our Mission: What We Do

To build genuine connections with all customers by listening, anticipating their needs and offering solutions.


"I’ve had the opportunity to help our customers in different parts of the country after natural disasters took out their power. We have a diverse team and we all work together to support the communities we power. Although it can be stressful, it is also extremely rewarding. I help others during one of the most difficult times of their lives."

Samantha F, Plainfield, IN
Customer Care Specialist II

"I chose a career in customer service because I enjoy collaborating with people and being a Customer Care Specialist regularly presents me with opportunities to make a difference and have a positive impact on someone else's life."

Sofia S, Bayside, FL
Associate Customer Care Specialist Bilingual

"I took advantage of Duke Energy's tuition reimbursement plan so I could achieve my Masters degree while working full-time. Additionally, I am currently utilizing the company's training resources to prepare for Six Sigma Certification."

Charles L, Charlotte, NC
Customer Care Supervisor

"There is no better place to start with Duke Energy than Customer Contact Operations. Its extensive training program and on-the-job experience equips you with the tools and qualities to be successful in any area of the company."

Christa B, Lake Mary, FL
Manager of Customer Care Operations
Photo of Samantha F, Duke Energy Customer Service Representative

Photo of Sofia S, Duke Energy Customer Service Representative

Photo of Charles L, Duke Energy Customer Service Representative

Photo of Christa B, Duke Energy Customer Service Representative