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Enrollment Form

Manually Read Meter Program

Please note, by enrolling in the Manually Read Meter program, the following charges will be added to your Duke Energy bill:
  • A $150 initial set-up fee (per account)
  • An $11.75 monthly charge (per account)
Please complete all the fields in the form below to submit your smart meter opt-out preference. A Manually Read Meter enrollment request must be submitted separately for each service address.

Customer Information
Do you operate life support or other sensitive medical equipment in your home?
Are there any meter access issues (such as a locked gate, animal or other obstruction impeding access to the meter?
By making this selection, I AGREE that I am a named, authorized person on the customer account number entered above. Further, I am indicating that I am selecting service under the manually-read meter rider. I am choosing a manually-read meter, and am aware of the initial setup fee and monthly charges, which will be added to my Duke Energy bill. I understand that all smart meter-enabled services, including energy alerts and special programs, will not be available to me and I thus agree to forfeit these services and benefits. I also understand that the manually-read meter will be read on a monthly schedule and access must be available for reading.