W.S. Lee Steam Station

Retirement: 2014
Capacity: 370 megawatts
Location: Anderson County, South Carolina
Commercial Date: 1951
Status: Retired

The William States (W.S.) Lee Steam Station consisted of a three-unit coal-fired generating facility located on the Saluda River in Anderson County, S.C. The facility is named for Duke Power co-founder William States Lee.

In January 2007, Duke Energy began commercial operation of two new 42-megawatt combustion turbine units. The two units replaced three existing combustion turbine units that were decommissioned at that time.

The W.S. Lee Steam Station officially retired as a coal plant on Nov. 6, 2014. W.S. Lee was Duke Energy's last remaining coal-fired plant in South Carolina. Units 1 and 2 have been decommissioned, and unit 3 has been converted to burn natural gas. A separate 750-megawatt natural gas combined-cycle plant was recently constructed and is now serving customers.

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Plant Happenings

Information included in recent neighbor updates, along with work and progress at the site.



Oct. 6, 2017
Learn more about our emergency action plans for coal ash facilities. Ash basins continue to operate safely and are highly regulated. Removing water and permanently closing basins, work that is already planned or underway, adds an additional margin of safety. Inundation maps are planning tools that illustrate a worst-case scenario and depict the areas that could be impacted in the unlikely event of a complete dam failure.

Using the secondary haul route until road repair work on the primary route is completed.


Neighbor postcard about additional noise associated with the new plant construction. Construction of the 750-megawatt plant is more than 90 percent complete. We are on track to start serving customers in November 2017. 


Neighbor postcard about noise associated with the new plant construction.


Using the secondary haul route while SCDOT does work on Cooley Bridge Road. We will use this route for the duration of the SCDOT construction. 



Using the secondary transportation route this afternoon due to large house fire along primary route. 


Using secondary transportation route due to downed power line on Hwy. 86. 


Neighbor update on combined-cycle plant construction, ash management and our efforts to give back to the community 


Using secondary route due to a major accident on Hwy 86 causing stopped traffic.


Due to construction on Hwy 86 and several accidents backing up traffic, we will be using the secondary route until conditions improve.


Coal ash trucks are using the secondary route until the SCDOT can repair a damaged asphalt area in the right lane driving east on Beech Springs Road.


Due to construction at the intersection of Hwy 25 and Hwy 86, we will be using the secondary truck route until the turn lanes are available again. 

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    Due to construction at the intersection of Hwy 25 and Hwy 86, we will be using the secondary truck route this week.

    Oct - Dec, 2016 

    Tree clearing and grading on the opposite side of Lee Steam Plant Road across from the plant to meet the SC Department of Transportation’s line-of-sight requirements and prepare for excavation of the ash fill area. One-lane closures and brief full lane closures will sometimes be needed during the work day.


    Temporary transportation route change 


    Due to a traffic accident blocking the ramp to I-85 at exit 35, trucks will be using Hwy 8 as an alternative route to access I-85 until the accident is cleared. 


    Due to rail crossing maintenance, trucks transporting coal ash from W.S. Lee will be detouring on Hwy 8 through West Pelzer. This route is being used safely as an official SCDOT-directed detour for our trucks only until maintenance work is complete. 

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    Sept - Oct, 2015 

    Installing new groundwater monitoring wells on plant property. Work should not affect neighbors, but may be visible. All work will be done during daylight hours.


    Primary route change for coal ash removal 


    Save the date card for W.S. Lee ash management community open house. 


    W.S. Lee Coal Ash Management Community Open House 


    Invitation to W.S. Lee Natural Gas Combined Cycle Facility community update. 


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