Independent Experts

Independent experts

Independent experts, including a national advisory board, engineers, scientists and dedicated teams at Duke Energy, are spending thousands of hours studying data, building enhanced groundwater and surface water protection programs and identifying closure options that protect people and the environment in a cost-effective manner.

The National Ash Management Advisory Board (NAMAB) is led by Dr. John Daniels, P.E., a former program director at the U.S. National Science Foundation and current professor and chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Working with Duke Energy engineers and scientists, NAMAB developed a set of guiding principles for safe basin closure. These principles provide a sustainable framework for promoting recycling, protecting groundwater and minimizing impacts to local communities and the environment, while safely anticipating major storms, flooding and even seismic events.

Guiding Principles for Ash Basin Closure

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