Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station Expansion

Rendering of the Lincoln CT station

To ensure reliability and provide energy when customers need it the most, Duke Energy is investing in a new 402-megawatt simple-cycle unit at the existing Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station near Denver, N.C. 

The 16-unit, 746-acre site is ideal for expansion because of available land and access to existing transmission and natural gas connections. 

The North Carolina Utilities Commission approved the project in December 2017, and construction started in September 2018.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2020 followed by four years of unit testing. When fully operational in 2024, the new unit will be the most efficient simple-cycle combustion turbine in Duke Energy’s fleet and about 34 percent more efficient than the existing combustion turbines at the Lincoln site. 

Innovative agreement and customer benefits

Duke Energy and Siemens have an innovative agreement that allows Siemens to build, test and validate its newest advanced natural gas combustion turbine technology at the Lincoln site. 

In exchange, Duke Energy customers benefit in the following ways: 
  • Duke Energy customers will receive the unit at a significantly discounted price in comparison to other peaking technologies. 
  • During the four-year testing period (2020-2024), Duke Energy customers will receive the unit’s capacity and energy at no additional cost and will only pay fuel costs when energy from the unit is needed.
  • The new unit will give Duke Energy more flexibility to better support the company’s growing portfolio of universal solar. Operators will be able to quickly start this unit to meet customers’ needs when the sun isn’t shining.
  • The project will create more than 400 jobs during the height of construction – making the local economy stronger and increasing the local tax base.
The agreement also protects Duke Energy customers from bearing risks and increased costs, if the advanced natural gas unit does not meet performance requirements.
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