IRP Stakeholder Engagement Approach

In the first quarter of 2020, Duke Energy initiated a process to engage stakeholders in North Carolina and South Carolina on our integrated resource planning efforts in both states. By engaging with stakeholders prior to the IRP filings, the company has an opportunity to listen and understand what is important to individual stakeholders, address their questions and determine how their feedback could potentially inform the IRP process within the 2020 requirements established under rule R8-60 in North Carolina and Act 62 in South Carolina. 

To facilitate engagement, Duke Energy has contracted with ICF, who has also been helping with the company’s Integrated System Operations and Planning (ISOP) stakeholder engagement efforts. ICF’s engagement will ensure consideration of lessons learned and best practices from similar efforts across the industry. Duke Energy kicked off the IRP engagement process with targeted stakeholder listening sessions in February and March, followed by an IRP 101 virtual meeting facilitated by ICF on March 10.  Duke Energy also worked with ICF to provide two IRP Forum engagement sessions for NC and SC stakeholders on March 17 and April 16, with a final follow up session with stakeholders on June 18, respectively. Topics addressed during these sessions included in both forums reflected those areas of greatest interest from stakeholders based on intervenor comments, listening sessions and pre and post-Forum surveys distributed by ICF.

IRP Engagement Materials

Provided below are the associated materials from the two IRP Forums and one pre-filing Webinar that Duke Energy held with North Carolina and South Carolina stakeholders in 2020. ICF, which facilitated these forums, has provided a summary report for all of Duke Energy's IRP engagement activities leading up to and through the June 18 Webinar.

IRP 101, March 10, 2020
Co-led by ICF and Duke Energy, this webinar provides foundational information about the integrated resource planning process, including what it is, why it is relevant, national trends as well as Duke Energy’s approach to the process and current and regulatory requirements.

IRP Forum #1: March 17, 2020
This forum covered ICF's overview of national trends in IRP, Duke Energy's approach towards IRP, and breakout sessions on four main topics that stakeholders had identified as those of greatest interest: resource planning, carbon reduction, energy efficiency/demand response and load forecasting.  IRP Forum #2: April 16, 2020
This forum took a deeper dive on topics identified by stakeholders as most important to them. The three focus areas included: resource planning, carbon reduction, energy efficiency/demand response.
IRP Webinar Follow-up: June 18, 2020
The focus of this webinar was on sharing what we heard from stakeholders and providing guidance on how Duke decided which input to incorporate into this year's IRPs.

IRP Technical Briefing: Sept. 18, 2020
The purpose of this webinar was to provide stakeholders a technical overview of what we filed in the DEC and DEP IRPs. 





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