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Powerline Substation

Operating the electric delivery system reliably and safely is a responsibility we take seriously. As part of our dedication toward building a smarter energy future, Duke Energy plans to build a new 230/115-kilovolt electric substation, called Powerline Substation, near W. Killarney Street in Crystal River, Citrus County. 

Powerline Substation route map
The new Powerline Substation fenced-in area will occupy approximately 20 acres on the southwest portion of a 162-acre site (outlined in yellow above) near W. Killarney Street in Crystal River. Outside the fenced area of the substation, other site developments such as storm water drainage, roads and transmission lines will occur on the property, as well as a landscape buffer to provide screening in areas bordering residential properties.

Typical substation footprint
The substation pictured here represents a typical transmission substation. The new Powerline Substation may have a different configuration or equipment depending on the specific project requirements.

Need and Benefit

To meet the estimated 10% growth in Florida over the next decade and to maintain a safe, reliable and continuous supply of electricity to the homes, community facilities and businesses in the project area, Duke Energy is planning a number of projects in the region. The new Powerline Substation will benefit homes, businesses and communities by:
  • Serving the growing demand for electric power 
  • Improving electrical system reliability
  • Maintaining a robust system for supplying and delivering energy to support economic growth and prosperity

Project Timeline

Summer 2019: Site preparation, grading, vegetation clearing
Fall 2019: Finalize substation design and engineering
January 2020: Begin substation construction
Spring 2021: Substation complete/in service

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