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Pittsboro–Hanks Chapel
230-kilovolt (kV) Transmission Line

Public feedback is among many factors considered in the siting study, as well as overall impacts to property owners, the environment and the community. Please complete this comment form after you have review the information provided at the virtual open house or on our website. Your answers will help Duke Energy understand public interests and concerns, and allow the team to incorporate this information into our comprehensive route selection and planning process. Thank you for your feedback. Public comments are due by September 30, 2020.

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Project Need

2. Do you believe the need for this transmission line has been explained adequately?

Line Routing Considerations

3a. Proximity to Homes

3b. Proximity to public facilities (e.g. places of worship, hospitals, schools)

3c. Place new line where there are already existing electrical lines

3d. View from roadways

3e. View from residences

3f. Impact to historical and archaeological resources

3g. Impact to wetlands and water bodies

3h. Impact to threatened and endangered species

3i. Impact to residential trees

3j. Impact to commercial/industrial properties

3k. Maintain or improve reliable electric service

3l. Proximity to recreation areas, parks and trails

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