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Pittsboro-Hanks Chapel Project

Pittsboro Hanks Chapel Project

Working hard to improve power reliability for our customers.

The Pittsboro Hanks Chapel grid improvement project will add a new substation and power line to help improve reliability, resiliency, and better enable the integration of cleaner energy options and innovative technologies. We conducted a transmission line route study to gather data and determine the least impactful route.
SVG icon showing a winding road with GPS locators along the route.

Transmission Line Corridor Map

See the area for the new proposed substation and path for the new power line.

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We want to hear from you.

We will provide updates throughout the project, but if you would like more information please call 866.297.5886 or email We will respond to you in a timely fashion, answering any concerns or questions you may have.

Benefits for the Community

  • Grid Improvement

    Strengthen and expand the power grid to make it more reliable and support customer and economic growth in the area.

  • Smart Technology

    Utilize smart, self-healing technologies to reduce number of customers affected from power outages.

  • Sustainable Growth

    Support sustainable growth of innovative technologies like solar energy, electric vehicles and battery storage.


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Please call 866.297.5886 or email

Additional Resources

Here is more background and detailed information about the Pittsboro Hanks Chapel project. These may help answer your questions.