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Project Overview

The Holly Springs Utley Creek project will provide a new substation designed to serve growing industrial and commercial needs, as well as future residential growth in Holly Springs, N.C. An approximately 1.5-mile long transmission line will also be constructed to power the substation. Both the substation and transmission line will be constructed primarily on existing Duke Energy property located off New Hill – Holleman and Holly Springs – New Hill roads. View a map of the project below.

SVG icon showing a winding road with GPS locators along the route.

Proposed Study Area Map

See the area for the new proposed substation and path for new power lines.

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Transmission and what we do

 Watch our short video to learn more about the importance of transmission and how it plays a vital role in powering our communities.


  • Notify Project Neighbors:

    September 2021

  • Complete Route Selection:

    September-October 2021

  • File Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity (CPCN):

    November 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our goal is to minimize impacts to homes and businesses as well as environmental and cultural resources. Installing transmission structures and lines can be similar to a typical construction site. Generally, homeowners can anticipate skilled contractors and trade workers to work during daylight hours. 

  • Environmental responsibility and stewardship are core values of Duke Energy. We are committed to being a good steward of the natural resources entrusted to our care while providing affordable and reliable energy to our customers. During the development of any transmission project, environmental factors are an integral part of planning, design, construction and operational decisions.

  • Engineers and planners use growth and energy usage projections, as well as continuous monitoring of the electric system, to identify the need for improvements to the system that serves our customers. Since it can take several years to plan, develop, engineer and construct a project, we begin the process in advance to ensure the new facilities are in place and ready to meet customers’ energy needs. Learn more about factors considered when siting transmission lines

  • A Duke Energy substation similar to the new Holly Springs substation.
    Typical standard retail substation with two transformer banks and six feeder breakers.

    An H-frame transmission tower, similar to what will be used for the Holly Springs transmission line.
    H Frame Structure

We want to hear from you

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