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Eustis - Dona Vista Transmission Line Project

Overview of the project

Our customers rely on our energy system, and reliability is a responsibility that we take seriously. A key component of our effort to ensure that we deliver reliable power to you is to continue “hardening” our transmission system. Duke Energy continues to invest in critical infrastructure upgrades to withstand the challenges and occasional extreme weather we experience in Florida. To support this effort, and because of the increased power demand in and around Eustis, we have identified a need to upgrade the transmission system in your area. 

Duke Energy will rebuild and partially reroute an existing 2.2-mile, 69-kV transmission line from the new Dona Vista substation to the existing Eustis substation to meet the current needs and projected growth for the area. 

Project Details

  • Duke Energy recently constructed a new substation in Dona Vista.
  • Duke Energy will rebuild and partially reroute an existing 2.2-mile, 69-kV transmission line from the new Dona Vista substation to the existing Eustis substation. 
    • Of the 2.2-mile transmission line rebuild, 0.8 mile will remain in the existing transmission line right of way and 1.4 miles will be relocated along a new route. 
    • This relocation will result in the removal of the transmission lines in Ferran Park (distribution poles and lines will remain). 
      • Most of the existing wood transmission poles in Ferran Park will be replaced with smaller distribution poles. 
      • View relocation map
    • New transmission poles will be constructed with steel and/or concrete monopoles with heights above ground ranging from 90 to 145 feet. 
  • The rebuilt/rerouted 69-kV transmission line will allow for an additional circuit to be added in the future, using the same poles (in some locations) and will be designed using 115-kV standards and materials.

Benefits to the Community

  • Duke Energy Florida is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable energy to our customers. Maintaining a robust system for supplying and delivering electricity is critical to ensuring the continued reliability and economic prosperity of the region.
  • This transmission project will offer significant upgrades, including new equipment/technology to better serve the homes, businesses and schools in the Dona Vista, Eustis and surrounding Lake County region.  
  • The new line and equipment will improve reliability during daily operations as well as during storm events. 

Public Participation

Public participation is a vital part of Duke Energy's siting process for electric transmission projects. Duke Energy held a public meeting to share more details about the project and to gather valuable input from property owners, local government, community leaders and other community stakeholders. Following the public meeting, we continued to receive public input through our project website, phone calls, emails and other means of communication, while technical teams conducted research and analysis. Information gathered from the community meetings and from the public has been incorporated into our planning and routing process. 

Next Steps – What to Expect

  • Company representatives will work directly with landowners whose property will be potentially affected to discuss easement activities.
  • Construction is expected to begin in 2022.

To learn more about this project:

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