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Eustis - Eustis South Transmission Reliability Project

Eustis-Eustis South Transmission Reliability Project

Project Overview

Our customers rely on our energy system, and reliability is a responsibility that we take seriously. To help meet the growing energy needs in and around Eustis, prepare for extreme weather we experience in Florida and support the development of clean energy, Duke Energy is making improvements to the transmission system in your area.

We will upgrade and rebuild an existing 2.04-mile, 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line from the Eustis Substation to the existing Eustis South Substation.

Project Details

  • Upgrade the 2.04-mile Eustis to Eustis South 69-kV line following the existing corridor.
  • Equipment additions and upgrades at Eustis South Substation and relay upgrades at Eustis Substation. 
  • Upgraded transmission line will be built on steel monopoles 90 to 150 feet above ground. 
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Benefits to the Community

  • Helps improve electrical system reliability and strengthen the grid to better withstand extreme weather events.
  • Provides additional power capacity to support the growing energy demand in the Eustis and Lake County regions.
  • Helps prevent outages and improve restoration times. 

Key Project Dates*

  • Preconstruction activities and vegetation clearing: Summer 2024
  • Transmission line construction: Fall-Winter 2024
  • Project completion and property restoration: Summer 2025

*There may be lulls between phases and weather delays could affect the timing of the construction activities.

Public Participation

Public participation is a vital part of Duke Energy's siting process for electric transmission projects. We held a public meeting to share more details about the project and to gather valuable input from property owners, local government, community leaders and other community stakeholders. Following the public meeting, we continued to receive public input through our project website, phone calls, emails and other means of communication while technical teams conducted research and analysis. Information gathered from the community meetings and from the public has been incorporated into our planning and routing process.

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