Current Project Activity

Over the next few weeks, project neighbors may notice increased surveying activity along the existing transmission line. Surveyors walk the existing transmission corridor to identify environmentally sensitive areas, natural resources, topography, structure locations and right of way concerns.

At Duke Energy, we're committed to making continued improvements that expand the delivery of more reliable, affordable and cleaner energy to our customers in the Asheville region.

Project Overview

Over the past 20 years, the Asheville region has grown and so has the need for reliable energy. That’s why we’re making infrastructure improvements to help ensure our customers have affordable, reliable and cleaner energy. The Craggy-Enka Reliability Project will upgrade an existing transmission line and add a new 230-kilovolt transmission line within the existing right of way in western Buncombe County to meet the growing energy needs of the region. In addition, we will upgrade several substations to strengthen the electric grid serving the community.

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Community Benefits

These grid investments will help our customers in many ways now and for many years to come.

  • Meet Growing Energy Demand in the Region

  • Reduce Outages and Strengthen Reliability

  • Minimize Impact Using Existing Right of Way

  • Help Promote Cleaner Sources of Energy

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Project Timeline*

The Craggy-Enka Reliability Project is a 9-mile project to update and construct transmission structures within an existing right of way and make upgrades to existing substations. Work began in April 2021 and will be conducted in phases, with completion in 2025. Here's a look at typical project activities:

*This is a working timeline. There may be lulls between phases, and weather delays could affect the timing of the construction activities.
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See the path of the existing transmission lines and where grid improvements will be made.

Grid Improvement Overview

Learn more about the structures and work involved in an energy grid improvement project. See how the structures connect and what work needs to be done in order to make these important improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Craggy-Enka Reliability Project will upgrade and construct transmission lines along 9 miles of an existing right of way to increase capacity for the current and future energy demand in Buncombe County. This work will help reliably serve the Asheville area and reduce the potential for extended power outages. 

  • The Craggy-Enka Reliability Project is located along 9 miles of an existing Duke Energy right of way between the Craggy substation, located off Olivette Road, and the Enka substation, located off Sardis Road in western Asheville.

  • Customer demand for electricity in the Asheville area is expected to increase around 7% over the next decade. That’s why it’s essential that Duke Energy make grid improvements like the Craggy-Enka Reliability Project now to reliably power homes, schools, hospitals and businesses in this region in the years ahead.

  • Yes. We are using an existing right of way to construct this project, so no additional right of way or land acquisition is required to rebuild and expand the transmission lines for the Craggy-Enka Reliability Project.

  • The Craggy-Enka Reliability Project will improve the reliability and resiliency of the energy supply in the Asheville area – helping avoid outages and speed restoration when an outage does occur – especially during periods of severe weather and high customer demand for electricity.

    It will significantly increase the electric transmission capacity in the area, without having to develop a new transmission corridor – helping to carry the energy needed to power homes, industry, schools, hospitals, city and county services, neighboring electric utilities and critical public infrastructure. The line and substation improvements will continue to provide a more secure, continuous, reliable flow of electricity to customers and provide more flexibility to reroute electricity in the event of a power outage, helping restore power faster. 

    • May-July 2021 – Environmental, land and structure surveying 
    • June-September 2021 – Soil boring along the line route
    • Summer 2021-Fall 2023 – Construction at Enka substation 
    • Summer 2022-December 2025 – Right-of-way construction and vegetation management  
    • Spring 2023-Fall 2024 – Construction at Craggy substation
    • 2023-2025 – Restoration of right of way
  • Engineers and planners use growth and energy usage projections, as well as continuous monitoring of the electric system, to identify the need for improvements to the system that serves our customers in Asheville and Buncombe County. Since it can take several years to plan, develop, engineer and construct a project, we begin the process in advance to ensure the new facilities are in place and ready to meet customers’ energy needs. 

  • We want to hear from you. Please share your feedback, questions and concerns by calling 888.385.3408 or emailing We will respond to you in a timely fashion, answering any questions or concerns you may have.

    We also invite you to join us at our live webinars and virtual open house as our team shares information and provides an opportunity for dialogue.

We want to hear from you

Your feedback is important to us. We will provide updates throughout the project, but if you have questions or need more information, please call 888.385.3408 or email We will respond to you in a timely fashion, answering any concerns or questions you may have.

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