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Claryville to Decoursey Reliability Project

Project Overview

Reliability is a responsibility that Duke Energy takes very seriously. As part of that commitment, we will be rebuilding a 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line that runs from the Decoursey Substation in Kenton County to the Claryville Substation in Campbell County. This project will help improve the reliability and resiliency of the electric system in Northern Kentucky.

This project spans approximately 15 miles and will involve replacing transmission line equipment, including more than 300 wood utility poles, with steel poles that are taller and more resilient. Segments of the transmission line are located along the road, as well as through subdivisions, woods and farmland. Sections of the project will also include construction on the lower-voltage distribution lines that carry energy into your homes and businesses.

Claryville-Decoursey project route map
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Construction will occur over several seasons, beginning in fall 2022. Property owners will receive communications by mail as our planning comes closer to your community. We expect to complete construction on all phases of the project by 2025.

Community Benefits

These grid investments will help our customers in many ways now and for many years to come.
  • Help improve electrical system reliability

  • Maintains a robust system to supply and deliver energy, helping ensure continued economic growth

  • Improves power quality and enhances reliability

Preconstruction Activities

In order to maintain the transmission line, it’s critical our workers have safe and unobstructed access. Duke Energy hires qualified, trained tree professionals to inspect and clear vegetation from the electric lines on our system. The easements obtained by Duke Energy allow us to remove any tree that poses a threat to public safety and the reliable operation of the power line. If you’re affected by tree or other vegetation removal, you will be contacted by one of our team members

View more information about vegetation management:

Landowners may also be contacted by our specialists about removing encroachments from the utility easement – items such as sheds, fences or playground equipment.

Learn more about the maintenance of easement areas:

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