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Noblesville-Westfield Reliability Projects

Noblesville-Westfield Reliability Projects

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Important Project Update

Our goal is to have preferred routes selected for the two new transmission lines by mid-October. We received more than 1,700 public comments and appreciate the community for their input. We had previously planned to have routes selected sooner, however, it has taken additional time for our Siting Team to carefully review all of the comments. The team also is evaluating other criteria including land use, engineering, and ecological and cultural impacts.

If we anticipate needing more time to evaluate all of the data beyond October, we'll notify all property owners who were previously contacted by mail. Once the preferred routes have been determined, all property owners previously contact will be notified by letter.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Duke Energy is working hard in your community to help improve reliability, reduce outages, strengthen the power grid against severe weather and prepare our system to serve this growing area. As part of our commitment, we are building two new transmission lines and one new substation near the intersection of Westfield Road/Indiana 32 East and Moontown Road/North Gray Road in Hamilton County.

Project Background

According to the latest U.S. Census, Hamilton County is the fastest-growing county in the state. This rapid growth is expected to continue and is demanding more of Duke Energy’s local electric transmission system. 

The backbone of this area’s electric system is a 230-kilovolt (kV) line that runs north to south, parallel to Moontown Road/North Gray Road. This high-voltage power line is feeding the local 69-kV transmission grid, which powers area distribution substations that bring electricity to homes and businesses.

Project Overview

A new substation and two new 69-kV electric transmission lines will be built to:
  • Help meet the growing demand for electricity in the Noblesville and Westfield areas
  • Help maintain the reliability and resiliency of our local power lines and infrastructure

The new substation will be built near the intersection of Westfield Road/Indiana 32 East and Moontown Road/North Gray Road on land that Duke Energy purchased in 2019. Two new power lines will originate from this new substation and connect to an existing 69-kV transmission line to the south and a substation – Westfield Northeast – to the north. The new northern line will be approximately 3 miles long and the new southern line will be approximately 2 miles long, depending on the final routes selected.


Community Benefits

These improvements will support our customers’ growing energy needs now and in the future.
  • Help maintain a reliable system for supplying and delivering electric service.

  • Help improve the system’s resiliency and ability to reroute power during planned and unplanned outages.

  • Help enhance our ability to help provide safe electric service to homes, schools, hospitals and businesses.

  • Provide a robust system to supply and deliver electric service, helping promote continued economic growth.

Project Timeline*

Construction is expected to begin in 2023 and be completed in 2024. See timeline below.

*Timeline may change with weather impacts on construction, schedule changes, etc.
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Public Participation

Public participation helps Duke Energy’s siting process for electric transmission projects. In June 2022, Duke Energy held four virtual information sessions and one in-person open house to share more details about the projects and to gather valuable input from property owners, local government, business leaders and other community stakeholders. Following the sessions, we received additional input from the public through our project website, phone calls, emails and other means of communication while technical teams conducted research and analysis. We carefully reviewed all stakeholder feedback received during a public comment period as part of our planning and routing process.

View Our Interactive Map

A number of route segments are currently being considered for the northern and southern transmission lines. All of the route segments are available for viewing by using the “Interactive Map” feature below. The final routes selected will be a combination of these numbered segments but will not include all of them. The route selection is based on multiple factors, including public input, land use, land cover, occupied buildings, safety, reliability, cost, and cultural, natural, visual and water resources. The preferred routes for the northern and southern transmission lines are expected to be announced in late summer 2022.

View the potential route corridors under consideration for the two new transmission lines and leave your public comments. Duke Energy encourages feedback from the community and we intend to evaluate all input received during this public comment period as part of our route selection process.
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Transmission and what we do

Watch our short video to learn more about the importance of transmission, how it plays a vital role in powering the Noblesville and Westfield communities and why new lines and a new substation are much needed.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to our communities, affecting how we live, work and interact. But throughout these changes, one thing has stayed constant: our commitment to serving you and your energy needs in a safe manner. As we prioritize your safety, you can browse through our virtual open house that offers the same information as a traditional in-person meeting. We will follow up with you on any questions you may have from your virtual open house tour.
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Additional Resources

Here is more background and detailed information about the Noblesville-Westfield Reliability Projects. These may help answer your questions.