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Noblesville-Westfield Reliability Projects

Noblesville-Westfield Reliability Projects

Project Background - Meeting Local Energy Demand

Since 2000, the population of Westfield has nearly quadrupled and the population of Noblesville has grown 130%. The backbone of this area’s electric system is a 230-kilovolt (kV) line that runs north to south, parallel to Moontown Road/North Gray Road. It was built in 1984 when these two communities looked much different than they do today. This high-voltage power line is feeding the local 69-kV transmission grid, which powers area distribution substations that bring electricity to homes and businesses. As Noblesville and Westfield continue to grow, Duke Energy is making improvements to support that growth. These improvements include building a new substation and two new transmission lines.

In June 2022, we held five virtual and in-person open house meetings where we shared details about the Noblesville-Westfield Reliability Projects. During those meetings, we also gathered valuable input from property owners, city and business leaders, residents and other interested stakeholders. We received community input – more than 1,300 touchpoints – collected through phone calls, letters, emails and petition signatures during a 45-day public comment period.

Route Selection Update

Choosing the best routes for these two new transmission lines was a challenging process given the population density of both communities and ongoing residential development within the area. Many factors were considered during the route study and siting process, including land use, engineering, natural resources, safety, reliability and community input collected during five open house meetings and an extended public comment period.

Northern Route Announcement

The new northern transmission line will originate at the existing Westfield Northeast Substation, travel south on Moontown Road, then turn west onto East 191st Street and then south again toward the existing 230-kV transmission corridor. It will continue south in the corridor until turning east on Ind. 32/Westfield Road toward the new Noblesville West Substation on Moontown Road (see map below). Utilizing the existing 230-kV corridor for the Northern Route has the fewest overall impacts to private property owners in the area. This route is about 2.5 miles long.

Southern Route Announcement

The new southern transmission line will originate at the new Noblesville West Substation, which will be built near the intersection of Ind. 32/ Westfield Road and Moontown Road/North Gray Road. It will exit the substation and travel west along Ind. 32/Westfield Road, to Carey Road, then south to East 169th Street where it will connect to an existing 69-kV transmission line (see map below). By selecting this route, we avoid running the line along the Midland Trace Trail, as well as Cool Creek — both valued community assets. Utilizing Ind. 32/Westfield Road and Carey Road minimizes residential impacts by being located parallel to the road/right-of-way. This route is about 1.8 miles long.

Community Benefits

These improvements will support our customers’ growing energy needs now and in the future.
  • Helps provide safe, reliable energy to serve the rapidly developing communities of Noblesville and Westfield.

  • Helps improve the resiliency of the local electric grid to reduce the potential for power outages and speed restoration when they do occur.

  • Enhances flexibility for providing critical energy to communities in the region.

Project Timeline*

Preconstruction activities are expected to begin after Duke Energy acquires all needed easements to build the two new 69kV transmission lines and engineering design is completed.

*Timeline may change with weather impacts on construction, schedule changes, etc.

View Our Preferred Route Maps

Please use the map links below to view the preferred routes for the northern and southern transmission lines
Noblesville Project North
View a larger map of northern project route.
Noblesville Project South
View a larger map of southern project route.

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