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The Florida Public Counsel will be conducting an online presentation about the rate changes pending in Duke Energy Florida’s rate case settlement. Learn more about this session scheduled for April 29.


Power you can rely on

Duke Energy is committed to delivering clean, reliable, affordable power today and for years to come.

Many factors – including fuel costs, environmental regulations, infrastructure improvements and changing energy demand – affect the cost of producing electricity, and, in turn, the price you pay.

At Duke Energy, we continuously balance these factors to ensure reliable electricity, cleaner air and the best price possible for our customers. It’s all part of our commitment to the more than 1.7 million families and businesses that depend on us every day.

We also work hard to balance the needs and requirements of all our stakeholders. By keeping them in balance, we are able to meet our fundamental commitment to deliver clean, reliable, affordable power and plan for a secure energy future.

Electric rates are set by the state

Duke Energy is a regulated public utility. Therefore, unlike other businesses, we do not set the prices our customers pay. Instead, our rates must be reviewed and approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC).

How rates are set

Duke Energy goes through a detailed public process when requesting a change in our prices. As a regulated utility, Duke Energy is allowed to recover the costs necessary to ensure reliable power and the opportunity to earn a reasonable rate of return. That return is used to fund new infrastructure improvements and to compensate our shareholders and bondholders for their investments in the company.

Investing for today and tomorrow

Duke Energy is committed to delivering clean, reliable, affordable power to the more than 1.7 million customers who depend on us each day. To achieve that, we invest millions of dollars and countless hours each year in the planning, building and operating of our complex system.

Your rates are an important part of how we fund these essential expenses and repay the shareholders and bondholders who help make such large investments possible.

To make every dollar count, we work to be as efficient and prudent as possible, and to balance affordability in the present with investments for the future. All so that we can continue to deliver clean, reliable, affordable power today and for years to come.

How we're working to keep rates affordable

Controlling fuel costs: The largest single component of your bill is fuel costs. Duke Energy makes no profit on this portion of your bill since it is directly tied to the cost of fuel in today's marketplace. Although we can't control the global factors that affect these costs, we can and do control how efficiently we operate our power plants and delivery systems to use the least amount of fuel possible.

Streamlining our systems: We carefully monitor and control our processes and staffing so we can continue to provide industry-leading service and reliability as cost-efficiently as possible.

The following documents contain Duke Energy's retail rate schedules as approved by the Florida Public Service Commission:

Below you'll find Duke Energy's retail rate schedules, area of service, communities served, standard forms and contracts, and general rules and regulations for electric service as approved by the Florida Public Service Commission.

You can find the Duke Energy Carolinas, Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Florida Joint Open Access Transmission Tariff on the Duke FERC Page.

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