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Energy Education|Centers & Programs

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While you might not earn a degree after reading our Energy Education section, you can gain a deeper understanding about what we do and how energy works: from how electricity is generated to tips you can use to save on your next energy bill.
  • EnergyExplorium

    Located at our McGuire Nuclear Station in Huntersville, N.C., the EnergyExplorium offers educational and fun activities for anyone interested in learning more about electricity generation and Lake Norman.

  • Harris Energy & Environmental Center

    Located near the Harris Nuclear Plant in New Hill, N.C., the Harris Energy & Environmental Center features interactive exhibits on electricity, energy efficiency and the benefits of nuclear power.

  • World of Energy

    Located at our Oconee Nuclear Station in Seneca, S.C., World of Energy features educational exhibits, plus a nature trail, butterfly garden and wildlife habitat.

  • Brunswick Energy & Education Center

    Located in Southport, N.C., the Brunswick Energy & Education Center features educational exhibits on electricity, the environment and the advantages of nuclear energy for our clean energy future.

  • Energy Efficiency in Schools

    We're proud to partner with The National Theatre for Children to promote conservation and energy efficiency education for grades K-8 through engaging, comical and informative live theater sketches.

  • Nuclear Information Center

    A "virtual visitors center," our online Nuclear Information Center demystifies the world of nuclear energy and makes it possible for everyone to learn about nuclear technology, safety and other issues from industry experts.