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Sell or Lease Your Land for Solar Energy

Land Sales and Leasing

Sell or lease property to Duke Energy for renewable energy generation.

Contact Us

How does the process work for selling or leasing my land to Duke Energy?

  • 1. Contact us to express interest

    Complete our online form and we’ll be in touch within ten business days.

  • 2. Property is evaluated

    We will look at your property to determine project viability and estimate the cost per acre.

  • 3. You’ll receive a preliminary offer

    If your property qualifies, we’ll give you a detailed offer for the sale or lease of your property.

Interested in selling or leasing all or part of your land?

To expand our renewable energy generation capacity and help build a more sustainable energy future, we are seeking property owners with acreage that can accommodate power generation, such as large-scale solar facilities. To receive more specific information and a customized offer for your property, contact us by completing the interest form and we will be back in touch within 10 business days.

Details and FAQs

Learn more about the process of selling or leasing your land to us for renewable energy generation and how the price and terms of the sale or lease are determined.