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Nuclear Power

Nuclear Energy

A clean energy resource

Nuclear energy originates from the splitting of uranium atoms – a process called fission. This generates heat to produce steam, which is used by a turbine generator to generate electricity. Because nuclear power plants do not burn fuel, they do not produce greenhouse gas emissions.

By reliably providing power 24 hours a day, nuclear energy is an important part of the energy mix necessary to meet electricity demand. And, with no carbon emissions, it will remain an important clean energy resource for the future.

For more than 40 years, Duke Energy has operated nuclear plants  setting industry benchmarks for safety and efficiency in the process. We employ redundant and diverse safety systems to protect the public, our employees and the environment.

Did you know?

  • About 20% of America’s electricity comes from nuclear energy.
  • Nuclear energy accounts for 56% of our nation's carbon-free electricity.
  • Nuclear plants are the lowest-cost provider of large-scale electricity.
  • Some states generate more than half of their electricity from nuclear power.

         Boiling water reactor

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