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Principles for Health Care Reform

Duke Energy recognizes that the effectiveness and efficiency of the U.S. health care system affects everyone. In the current system, health insurance is predominantly provided by employers. However, as costs increase, employers are finding it more and more difficult to provide comprehensive coverage to their employees and still remain competitive in the marketplace. Although we believe any solution must preserve flexibility for employers to meet business needs, aspects of the current system are in need of reform and the following principles should be incorporated in any new legislative strategy for the U.S. health care system.

    • Affordable health care should be available to all individuals and families.
    • Health care coverage should be continuous.
    • The health insurance strategy should be affordable and sustainable for society and be determined through a collaborative effort between all interested parties – individuals, business and government.
    • Health insurance should enhance health and well-being by promoting access to high-quality care that is effective, efficient, safe, timely, patient-centered and equitable.
This statement has been prepared at the request of a Duke Energy shareholder and has been authorized by the Corporate Governance Committee of the Duke Energy Board of Directors.